Disability, Long Term Care Insurance & Annuities


Your ability to make a living is one of your most important assets and should be protected.  An accident or serious illness can take away a job and the income that goes along with it, jeopardizing financial stability and a family's lifestyle. Some of the policy features we offer:

 Both Short-Term and Long-Term plans.

 Eligibility for a wide range of occupational classes.

 Guaranteed Renewable to age 65; annually renewable to age 70.


Don't let long-term care expenses deplete your family's savings.  A long-term care insurance policy helps pay for the care you need when you can no longer care for yourself. It may protect your family's financial future and your own investments and savings.


Accident, Cancer and Critical Care plans are just a few of the ancillary products we have available through various carriers such as AFLAC.  These plans help cover your out-of-pocket expenses such as:


 Experimental treatments

 Transportation to treatments & Lodging

 Loss of income


Annuities are insurance plans that may be used to help increase savings, protect your savings or generate a stream of income.  Deferred annuities offer tax-deferred growth potential.  We are happy to educate you on these products and how they could be used to as part of your retirement strategy.


Are you looking for an alternative to the hgih cost of health insurance?  Medi-Share is a way for Christians to share each other's medical burdons.  It is not insurance, but an affordable option for many.

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