About Black Dog Insurance Group

Our story is simple.  A young married couple were doing the normal things like buying a house, getting a dog .. . . and then, at the age of 27, Fred decided to open his own insurance agency, which was Cavalier Insurance, based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He worked very hard to build the business so that a few years later, Lisa could join him to run the agency together and it has been that way ever since.  We now operate two agencies – Cavalier Insurance and Pinkerton’s Insurance which are affiliates of the Black Dog Insurance Group insuring clients nationwide.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer our clients. We make ourselves available to assist you with all aspects of your insurance portfolio. In addition, one business philosophy we hold is the importance we place on educating our clients about the insurance products they buy and take time to answer ALL of your questions. A client once told us that we explained insurance so clearly that both her 5 year son and 70 year old grandmother could understand.

Now, you may be thinking, WHY DOGS? Honestly, what do they have to do with insurance? Well, insurance is a serious subject that many find to be confusing. We simply try to lighten things up a bit and put you at ease while we help you navigate the process of finding the best insurance plans to fit your individual needs. Dogs are fun loving creatures that always see the good in every situation. Let's face it, insurance is not exactly something we want to deal with.  Also, consider the fact that dogs are protectors by nature . . . so what IS the definition of insurance?

"IN-SUR-ANCE" - protection against loss or harm

Our canine friends have many admirable qualities that we believe you would most definitely want to find in your insurance professional. Our staff promises to provide HONEST advice, LOYAL customer service and TRUSTWORTHY protection.  Finally, dogs are considered to be "Man's Best Friend". When it comes to your financial protection, let BDI be YOUR BEST FRIEND.